I love updating my home every season and I always have a new project to tackle. The most exciting project I have done so far: my baby boy’s nursery!

Now let me confess something. Having a baby wasn’t necessarily an easy decision for me. Deep down in my gut, I knew I eventually wanted a child, however I was choked up by all kinds of fears: what if I am not good enough? What if I get fat? What if things change in my relationship with my husband? My list went on and on…  2012 and 2013 were big years for me, as I realized I was all wrapped up in fear and I had had enough! I had two fears that were consuming me:

1. Having a baby

2. Changing careers

So I  enrolled in Interior design school while I continued working at my office job during the day. I made a decision to not be on the fence about having a baby.

By the end of my school year I was pregnant!

Another confession: I always wanted a little girl! I grew up with my three sisters and I am a girly girl all the way. I envisioned myself with a little girl. I imagined picking her outfits, combing her hair… I picked her name and envisioned her room in pick and brown with a vintage crib and a beautiful crystal filled chandelier. And then the ultrasound technician burst my bubble…It was a boy!

I cried, I was disappointed. It didn’t matter that all my friends said boys love their mothers or even worse: ‘You can just have another baby after’! In the end I just had to be mature and grateful that I had a healthy baby and I would have to do with the boy!

So when I was trying to figure out what kind of decor I wanted for a boy’s room I was completely out of my element. I knew I wanted a room that was gender specific because that’s my personal preference but aren’t boys all about cars and trains? One night as I was tossing and turning in bed (which happens quite often when you are pregnant) I thought about having a  nautical theme and that got me excited! When it comes to designing baby rooms, I think of the long term. I love to design rooms that a baby will be able to grow into.

Here are some inspirations I found:

Children's Room | Oh Happy Day

In this room I love the World Map wallpaper:


I was inspired by the stripes of the bedding; I put the stripes on the wall

ezra room striped tape

Ezra room painted

8 months pregnant and busy finishing school, I could not tackle wall papering a whole wall so instead I resorted to sticking a map to a vintage dresser with Modge Podge.

dresser before

I found this dresser on Kijiji, and with a height of 34″, I decided to use it as a changing table by adding a mat on top.

This is the finished product

dresser after



I am still beyond excited about this room. The baby couldn’t care less, but I found myself spending a lot of time in this room, nursing, changing countless diapers, folding clean laundry. I realize now transforming that room was not just for the baby but also for me.

Oh and I love that boy…


Map :wallpaper

Striped bedding: stripes