Selecting the right paint colour can be a daunting process, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for. Before I had any experience working with paint, I would gravitate towards all neutral, unassuming colors in fear of covering my walls with something I would eventually get sick of or that would clash with the rest of the room. I figured if I stuck to painting using soft greys and warm whites, I would be able to design and decorate with anything I wanted for years to come.
In some aspects, my theory wasn’t wrong, as choosing a neutral backdrop does indeed allow you to go a little crazy when designing the foreground. What I didn’t realize was that in doing so, I was capping the potential of a space, relying too heavily on the influence of the furniture and decor. Once I finally gained the confidence to step outside my colour comfort zone and start experimenting with new shades, I quickly learned how powerful paint is in establishing the look and feel of a space.
So when Liz reached out to me to help her pick a colour for her living room and she seemed as scared as I used to be, I thought it would be a perfect space to go bold.

Turns out the director of colour marketing at Sherwin-Williams®   recently announced July’s colour of the month, Indigo SW 6531, a bold, deep shade of blue.
Historically known as the “world’s favourite colour,” Indigo is vibrant, clean and full of energy. Paint colour expert Wadden suggests pairing the ocean-inspired hue with whites or yellow-based neutrals to avoid competing with the vivid blue. This is a BOLD colour.
But what about Liz?
Liz lives in a beautiful home in NDG and describes herself  as someone who admittedly avoids change (don’t we all?). Liz expressed her fears about using a bold paint colour. Although she was interested in switching things up, she also wasn’t ready to give up on the overall design aesthetic she had established since moving into the house. After some encouragement from yours truly, Liz decided to paint a wall Indigo SW 6531 in the sun room inside her entryway. The decision felt right; Liz was making a brave decision that would bring fresh change, without the commitment of covering the entire interior.
Then we put her to work!
The result: just as bold and lovely as we imagined. The added pop of colour amplifies the overall mood, taking the space from good to great. Hey, Liz, next girls’ night at your place?
What do you think? Would you paint a space in your home indigo blue?
Note: This post was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams® although all the opinions are my own.