Today we are presenting a beautiful apartment located in NDG filled with pastel watercolors, serape-style accessories and handmade items that make it a truly personal space.

The shape of the coffee table – which Briana’s dad designed and made – was crafted to play off of the curves of the side chair it accompanies. To determine if the coffee table would comfortably fit into the room, I cut a piece of cardboard to scale so I could see it in context.

A closer look at the wallpaper that I suggested. The pattern is inspired by travels Briana made to Morocco and paintings by Paul Klee. 

One of Briana’s decorating goals was to create a dedicated space for her (ever-growing) book collection. Given the home’s long, narrow layout, achieving goals such as this meant we had to use as much of the wall space as possible.

In the kitchen, the owner wanted to create a desert look!  The earthy pinks and browns as well as the cow skull helped us achieve that. Most weekends, Briana and her cat nap here on the kitchen couch.

Briana’s front door leads straight into her kitchen, leaving us with a choice between using the space as an entryway – ideal for boots and coats come winter – or as a spot to eat. At the end of the day, we felt having a place to host dinners was more important.

Since the bedroom is open to the living room, we looked for a way to make it feel separated without closing off the room. Facing the bed away from the entrance to the bedroom could’ve made the room feel blocked off and isolated. However, this semi-transparent headboard lets light through and acts as art work.

The bedroom gets such brilliant natural light, Briana lies in bed and sunbathes before getting ready in the morning.

This apartment is limited on storage space, so to get Briana’s bike out of the way, we mounted it and turned it into a makeshift art piece.

Briana rarely uses the apartment’s second entrance. To make better use of the corner, we placed a chair and mirror near it, effectively turning the spot into a dressing area. The mirror was once an old factory door.

It was too expensive to frame the large art piece- which is reflected in the bathroom mirror- so we wallpapered it to the wall.

The at-home studio offers Briana a dedicated spot to work.

Briana’s apartment is railroad-style, so each room leads right into another. There aren’t any hallways.

Thank you for the tour!