Hi everyone! How much do you know about Feng shui. I have some really vague ideas (something about a mirror not facing your bed). Today I am really excited to collaborate with Bob’s Discount’ Furniture on an article about Feng Shui, which explains it clearly in a room we all love to decorate; the master bedroom. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

For many, utilizing small spaces can be a difficult task. Finding practical ways to combine furniture, accents and decor while still having a functional environment should be two main objectives. Feng shui is a great way to organize and arrange your rooms while still keeping style a top priority.

In this ancient Chinese technique, emphasis is placed both on the position of belongings as well as their specific appearance or material. Creating harmony in your home balances purpose and good vibes by allowing energy to flow more freely through a space.

To begin feng shui, line up your home’s layout with a bagua chart.

Use the different segments within the chart to foster energy and a little luck to the corresponding life sphere. For example, if you’d like to optimize for relationships, focus on the northeast sector of your home by adding accents with pink hues and pairing items in sets of two.

Combine feng shui’s color schemes with some of the hottest paint palettes in 2019 to easily update interiors and keep styles current. Accent walls are an amazing way to add a subtle pop of color.

No matter where your bedroom falls in your home layout, there are other important requirements to keep in mind such as the arrangement of furniture and added accessories.

#1. Use a Commanding Position

Your bedroom layout should begin at its most important piece: the mattress. Your mattress should provide the best sleep possible, so choose from a selection with various firmness levels that meets your individual sleep needs.

Next, focus on how the mattress is positioned. In feng shui, the commanding position is in the space directly diagonal from the door. Your bed should be directed toward the entrance of the room without directly facing the door. This creates a stable environment full of security and positive energy which are particularly important during sleep.

#2. Have A Good Backing

Take the commanding position one step further by choosing a headboard free of cutouts or loose frames. Having a solid base fosters protective energy and combats uncertainty.

Additionally, position your bed so that you are against a wall, rather than having windows to your back. This notion appeals to our fight or flight tendencies allowing us a full scan of the room as well as our surroundings.

#3. Keep Things Light

Small spaces can be tricky to decorate, so think carefully when choosing decor. In keeping with feng shui principles, avoid heavy frames or shelving that may prevent energy flow. Try using mirrors in different sizes or accents in light colors to brighten up and expand your bedroom. Tapestries can be an awesome addition to your bedroom and also a great way to add colors corresponding to the bagua chart.

#4. Try the Buddy System

If you ever went to summer camp as a kid, you know what the buddy system is. Now, just add it to your home decor. Feng shui thrives on symmetrical, organized spaces so having two of everything will get the job done.

Specifically, end tables and table lamps are great to utilize here. Consider styles in different textures or materials for an added touch of flair and good fortune.

#5. Take Ownership

When decorating your room, be sure to own your space. Only include photos of those occupying or sleeping in the bedroom. This is to ensure energy is directed toward those specific inhabitants. When displaying family members, children or loved ones stick to the living room. After all, not everyone is looking for the same improvements as you.

Feng shui is as versatile as you make it out to be. Fill your home with things that you love and success or blessings are sure to follow!