It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about every industry, including the home space, to some extent. With many being forced to work from home, more and more people have shifted their focus towards nesting. Scroll through Instagram, for instance, and you’ll find hosts of images featuring decorating projects — refreshed home offices are just one example.

Today I thought I would give you ideas on simple updates you can do to make your background pretty for zoom meetings instead of using the virtual background that people disappear into!


If you are a plant lover like me, you could have a plant backdrop behind you. The bonus is that plants are good for your mental health too!

I love the idea of plants on a trellis like this picture:

Forget those Zoom virtual backgrounds!

Find out how to do this project here.

Large frame

If you’re looking for a simpler solution, I also love the idea of adding art behind you. I like either a large canvas or a collection of some of your favorites pieces. Having art will really create a great conversation before you get into your meeting, and will allow people to have an idea of your personality.

Forget those Zoom virtual backgrounds!

Adhesive wall paper

If you are looking for an interesting backdrop that is a little more impersonal, a wall paper is the way to go. A typical wall paper can be hard to install, however more and more companies are offering adhesive wall paper that is easy to install and easy to remove when you get tired of it.

Forget those Zoom virtual backgrounds!

Interesting curtains

Curtains are an inexpensive way to add interest to your backdrop! Even if there is no window behind you, you can still mount curtains on a blank wall to add softness and interest.

I love this example:

Forget those Zoom virtual backgrounds!

MDF (3D) wall design

If you are a home owner looking for a permanent solution I recommend MDF wall panels. Companies like MURdesign offer creative solutions for all kinds of tastes! They even have amazing faux brick panels. I personally love a simple design that just adds interest to the backdrop such as these 3d varied depth panels:

Forget those Zoom virtual backgrounds!

There you go! I hope this inspires you to try something real and continue nesting! I’m curious, which one are you itching to try?