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2017 Holiday Gift guide for Kids & Babies!

Hey! Welcome to our last gift guide of 2017! If you've missed them, we've compiled gift guides for women, men and even a DIY gift list for those of you who are handy! We kept the best for last! Kids and babies are the best group to shop for because they usually don't have as much [...]

By | December 7th, 2017|Decoration, DIY, Holiday gift guide, Holiday shopping|0 Comments

DIY Gift Guide 2017

This year I am planning to DIY all of my Christmas gifts. I love this idea—it doesn't just save money, it makes every gift a thoughtful one. And really, anything that lets my creativity flourish is a gift to myself. Even if you're new to the wonderful world of DIY crafting, I found some creations that are both [...]

By | December 4th, 2017|DIY, Holiday gift guide, Holiday shopping|0 Comments