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Feng Shui A Small Space: 5 Tips To Arranging Your Bedroom

Hi everyone! How much do you know about Feng shui. I have some really vague ideas (something about a mirror not facing your bed). Today I am really excited to collaborate with Bob's Discount' Furniture on an article about Feng Shui, which explains it clearly in a room we all love to decorate; the [...]

By | April 15th, 2019|Decoration, Ideas, Inspiration, small spaces, Tips, Trends|0 Comments

Create a Reading Nook Just in Time for Fall

Reading is my favorite way to pass time aside from making cushions. Whether I am buried in a good book or scrolling the latest article on Twitter, if I’m at home, you can usually find me devouring a story or two in-between playing with my son or cooking dinner. As I’ve been thinking a [...]

By | September 13th, 2018|Decoration, Interior design, small spaces, Tips|0 Comments