Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way! If it's anything like last winter, it will be brutal with everything from the ice storm to the slush to a frigid polar vortex.  And sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight yet. Nevertheless, life must go on. If you have [...]

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Introducing: Sandra Best Décor Accessories

Having my own line of accessories for the home has been a long-time goal for me! Today I am beyond excited to present the Geometric collection from Sandra Best Décor. About In 2010, I travelled to Ghana to visit my husband's extended family. It was a long 16-hour trip, but what I found on [...]

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How I Transformed a Closet Into a Prayer Room

I have always loved to pray, but lately I have been distracted by my life.  I needed a place where I could be alone in privacy to spend quality time and have focused prayers. On my journey to getting my prayer life back on track, I took advantage of being close to the water [...]