Sandra Best Decor is a full service interior design firm. We collaborate with clients to improve the form and function of their living spaces, while helping them define and reflect their personal style.



We specialize in small spaces, kitchens, children spaces. Our goal is to develop beautiful and functional designs based on our client’s dreams & needs. Some of the services include:

  • Space planning
  • Custom kitchen and Bathroom design
  • AutoCad Drawing
  • Finishes; colors and material selections
  • Paint color consultation
  • Window dressing
  • Professional organizing


Looking to save on professional fees? Our E-Transformation service is perfect for you. All communication is done via email. You provide measurements of the room. I design the room based on a questionnaire that you fill out listing your likes/dislikes, etc.

This service includes: Design Board (see below example), Furniture Layout Plan, Complete Shopping Resources List so that you can order everything you see in the design. Examples of E-Transformation design Board:

I loved working with Sandra! Over a year she helped us with six different rooms, as money freed up in our budget. It was my first time working with a designer and I was honestly worried that the final product would look like her style rather than mine. However, she spent a lot of time figuring out our tastes, and the idea boards she came up with were beautiful and contained thoughts I would never have come with on my own. In working with her, I even felt personally more capable and creative! But it wasn’t just the ideas… Having someone else to do the actual buying, and organizing, and dealing with suppliers, builders, and painters, was wonderful, and the discounts we got because of her negotiations frequently outweighed her own fees. At one point we even went on vacation, and came back to a completely new bedroom, painted, treated, and organized.
Kay Dupont
Sandra’s professionalism is impressive. When she first came to my home for a decorating consultation, she took a full look at my living room and first asked me what I saw in the way my room was decorated. I liked tat approach because she wanted to make sure she grasped what I needed and the atmosphere I wanted to convey. She made my house look warmer in no time! She has an amazing ability yo accentuate the best features in a room
Sandra transformed our living room in a matter of 2 hours . I was blown away by her ability to choose items that I had in my house to meet by budget requirements. With the expertise of her decorating our living room, I ended the day feeling excited and happy because the changes were immediate and exactly to my linking.
I would highly recommend her to stage or decorate any house and I am looking forward to working with her again for another room in my house.
Thank you Sandra! You are simply the best!
Manuella Francois-Saint- Cyr


Fill out the questionnaire below

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number (###-###-####)



What room(s) do you want a consultation for?

What would you say your style is? (Mid-century/ Hollywood etc.)

What is your overall budget to spend including purchases, and design fees?

How would you like the space(s) to feel?

How will the room(s) be used? (i.e. living room for the family to relax and watch tv in or grown up space only. Dining room for formal dinner, cocktail parties etc.)

What colors do you want to see and NOT want to see in the room(s)?

What do you want to see in the room(s)?

Do you have any specific items you’d like to keep?

Do you have a pinterest board? If so please share with us?

What are the measurements of the space(s)?

Do you have a deadline/timeline for the completed works?