Our goal is to provide Realtors and builders with a resource to educate and inform their sellers of the latest design trends that buyers are looking for in their price range and provide a solution for making those changes quickly and affordably. I look forward to working with realtors, sellers and builders to achieve their desired result: SOLD?



Professional Home Staging for real estate brokers, Developers and Homeowners. Our stagings can be customized to your space and needs:

  • Occupied Homes
  • Vacant Homes
  • Small spaces
  • Interior Layout
  • Furniture rental

Our portfolio includes interior design work for residential properties.
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Before home staging:

This two floor condo was on the market for five months with little activity and one low-ball offer.

After home staging:

We suggested fresh paint throughout, a new layout to maximize the space as well as a few accessories that the home owners could take into their new home to create warm atmosphere. The condo sold four weeks after out interventions.

Before home staging:

Before our intervention this house had been seating on the market with no activity for one year.

After home staging:

We suggested the removal of wall paper in many areas of the house and neutral paint color and the house sold in one month.

Sandra is a true professional. She gave us the courage we needed to tackle our first renovation project, which will probably also be our biggest project ever! She really understood our vision and told us exactly what she thought about our ideas. She worked within our deadlines and was always available for the many, many questions we had for her. We definitely made the right choice in partnering with Sandra and we are so pleased with the results!
Alison & Simon
Sandra did the design for our 2 bedrooms. First of all , the one thing that is clear, is that She loves what she does and she goes into it wholeheartedly.
It was wonderful to work with her as she was both very pro-active about suggesting ideas and receptive about my own ideas.
Sandra has this questionnaire to help you figure out what you want and what you do not want. It is her way of helping you (and her) figure out who you are and what you really want and then build on that foundation. There were many times I digressed from what I had written in my questionnaire, and Sandra pointed it out to make sure I went where I really wanted, but she Always respected and encouraged my choices.
As adaptable as Sandra is, she is also quite decisive and strong in her ideas, which are based on her expertise and I needed that as obviously I am not a designer and I wouldn’t want somebody that would just go with what I want and think.
Sandra will also go with your budget, and will send you wonderful suggestions based on that; and did I mention she is very strong…?!She builds stuff, uses power tools, drills here and there, hangs curtains and shelves… Who are you woman?!!!
Seriously though, I really recommend working with her because she is not after what she wants but rather she helps you figure out what you want and bring out the best.