A Small Home Office With A Grand Style

Hi Everyone! It's another home office post! Is any one surprised? With a lot of us working from home, it's no surprise offices are my number one request for updates at the moment. On my last post I share about making sure you have a great background so you can brag on zoom! Today I'm [...]

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Forget those Zoom virtual backgrounds!

It's safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about every industry, including the home space, to some extent. With many being forced to work from home, more and more people have shifted their focus towards nesting. Scroll through Instagram, for instance, and you'll find hosts of images featuring decorating projects — refreshed home offices are just [...]

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Feng Shui A Small Space: 5 Tips To Arranging Your Bedroom

Hi everyone! How much do you know about Feng shui. I have some really vague ideas (something about a mirror not facing your bed). Today I am really excited to collaborate with Bob's Discount' Furniture on an article about Feng Shui, which explains it clearly in a room we all love to decorate; the [...]

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